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Nice to Meet You!

We help studios publish and distribute their games worldwide on PC.

Incorporated in California in 1998 by Ariella Lehrer, CEO and founder, well-known game executive

Distribution contracts with more than 50 game developers and 500+ titles

Top tier distributors such as Arvato, Avanquest and Synnex result in broad distribution online

Largest casual game distributor to Walmart stores, with 22 titles currently on the shelves

Some of our Recent Partners

Publish with Legacy Games


"As an indie game developer, I really appreciate the straightforward way Legacy Games communicates and operates. They really know their audience, and they've made it very easy for us to get our games into their distribution channels with minimal work on our end.”

Aaron San Filippo
Co-Owner, Flippfly


"It has been a real pleasure working with Legacy Games team with the Project Blue Book Hidden Mysteries game project. The entire organization exemplified professionalism and their overall knowledge and experience proved incredibly valuable during the publishing process. We are excited about their new indie publishing program which we believe will prove to be a great asset for developers."

Don Geyer
CEO, Jumpgate

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Is Your Game a Good Fit?

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PC games or mobile games that will port easily to PC.

Games that will appeal to Legacy’s casual female customer base.​
Games that are high quality, innovative, and win awards.​
Games that are single player.
Premium games rather than FTP.
Games that will port smoothly, e.g., Unity based.
Games that might benefit from a TV, movie, book license (we can help!). ​

Legacy Games can offer guarantees, completion funding, localization, porting, and more, depending on the title. We will not claim your IP, plus we are flexible regarding royalties.

Access to unique distribution channels

Proven expertise in curating and selling games for women

Porting management

Financial support

Quality assurance, hardware testing, playtesting

Marketing and PR expertise